Border Crossing : Syria - Jordan (25 May 2009)

Daraa (Der'a), Syria crossing to Jabir, Jordan

Paper work

V5 - car logbook


3rd Party Insurance - Purchase at border


Visas - We had applied for multiple entry visas before we left UK.  These are valid for 6 months.

Exit Costs from Syria

US$22 (S£500 each) - can be paid in US$ or S£

Entry Costs to Jordan

US$70 (JD49)- must be paid in S£

Time to cross

35 minutes


On entering the border area at Daraa, you reach the first checkpoint and you are waved straight through.  Park up your car outside the Customs building.  Inside we handed over the carnet and owners passport where they checked us again that the vehicle is diesel and that we had paid our weekly diesel tax.  The counterfoil of the carnet is stamped and the vehicle is through.  Next to the Customs building is what looks like a little house.  You can purchase exit vouchers here if you have S£1000 or US$22 or they can also be purchased in the Immigrations (Departures) building - there's a Bank counter where you can change money if you need to as well.

Either walk over to the large grey Immigrations building or drive - it's quite a way in the heat of the day.  Once here the counters are clearly marked for Immigrations Foreign Departures although we used the Diplomats counter as that was the only one open.  Hand over the passports and the vouchers and with a final flourishing stamp you hear "Welcome to Syria" (a bit creepy now!) and you're off.  Drive through the Customs checkpoint where they check the carnet and passports and then through the final checkpoint where you are waved through with a cheery "Welcome to Syria" (bbrrrrr).

No-man's land is quite small, so it's a quick spin in the car and you're at the Jordanian side.  Drive through the first checkpoint but watch out for the man in the pit checking the underside of your car.  Don't drive into the pit or you'll injure him as we nearly did - that won't be a good start to your stay!!!  Park the car in the Car Customs queue which when we got there was about 5 long with just local vehicles ahead of us.

Take both passports to the Immigration counter where they are stamped through.  Walk up passed the Customs Building to a single story glass-fronted building housing the Insurance and next to it the Exchange.  3rd party insurance can be bought in days, weeks or months.  We bought 1 month for JD28.750.  This is attached to the Carnet.  Now before you can get the customs stamps for the vehicle, it has go go through the customs check where a customs clearance card is issued (this is a white card with a red diagonal line across it).  The car at this stage is moving up the queue with Trevor hopping in and out to move it in between going through Immigration and paperwork.  Ahead of us, the local vehicles were being unpacked of everything and the contents of each and every bag checked.  We were dreading our turn as Sully is (as you know by at this stage) jam packed with boxes and all our personal stuff for 18 months (or more) travel.  We got the the front of the queue where the customs officers peered into Sully's cab (GPSs still switched on and visible), duly issued the customs clearance card and waved us on.  Take this customs clearance card with the carnet and V5 to the Customs counter where all the paperwork is validated.  We paid JD20 for vehicle tax directly to the officer doing the paperwork where he then issued a blue A5 Jordanian Customs certificate - this is REALLY important so keep it safe - without this certificate you can't export the vehicle from Jordan even though we are travelling with a carnet.  Then it's back into the car, through the final checkpoint and Welcome to Jordan - but this time on a great big billboard.

#1 Deb & Darren on 6.01.2009 at 1:23 PM

Great to hear your both well, i keep popping in here to see how your getting on. Take care for now x


Hi Deb, thanks for keeping in touch. Hope you're enjoying reading the blog!  Had a bit of an issue in Syria but loving Jordan now.  Take care & cheers. Trevor & Jan