Border Crossing : Greece - Turkey (9 May 2009)

Koipoi, Greece crossing to Ipsala, Turkey

Paper work

V5 - car logbook

3rd Party Insurance (Green Card) - Can be purchased at border


Visas - Must be purchased at border for UK passport holders


We crossed at the Koipoi (Kipi) / Ipsala border so this applies only to this crossing.  We arrived at 11:15 and we through just after 12noon.  The border crossing for cars and people was very quiet (this may have had something to do with it being the Prophet's Birthday in Turkey and I think therefore a holiday???) but the queue for trucks was at least over 25 on each  side.  There are notices everywhere that they close for lunch at 12noon till 1pm although we didn't experience this.  Next crossing though I think we need to time it so that we get there well before lunch.

When we reached the Greek Border gates, they had a cursory look at our passports and waved us through.  Go from there and park your vehicle at the Duty Free/Post Office complex.  Inside you will find a shop called ISVIÇRE.  Buy your 3rd Party Insurance / Green Card here.   You'll need to show the vehicle V5.  It's the same price for a stay of anything up to 3 months.  We paid €30 (TL55) when we crossed. 

Go from there to the Immigration building (the next one along) and present your passports to a man in a cubicle who will provide visas at a cost of €15 each.

Go back to your car and pass through the first set of booths (they are like toll booths but without booms) and present your passports.  They will stamp the visas to confirm entry.  The next block of booths are Customs.  Present your passports, V5 and 3rd Party Insurance and the car owner will have their passport stamped.  We were neither checked or even asked any questions or if we had anything to declare but just waved through.

Go to the 3rd and last block of booths where they check all the paperwork again to ensure that both Immigration and Customs have authorised (stamped) you through and with a friendly handshake from the border official, you're on your way!



The diesel in Turkey is expensive at around TL2.80 or TL3.00 per litre which in current exchange terms is around €1.40 - €1.50 so fill up all tanks before you leave Greece.  But a word of caution, don't be fooled into buying fuel in anywhere at around €0.89 which seems really cheap against Turkish prices because at the border on the Greek side at the only ELIN service station, diesel costs €0.70 per litre.

#1 Costas K on 5.12.2009 at 1:52 PM

Sorry to read about your troubles in Volos.

Am ashamed to say that in the very distant past, I have some roots from Volos. But to be honest, I don't particularly like Volos or its people.

Happy to hear about your stress free crossing to Turkey and wish you well for the rest of your journey.


HI Costa, thanks for your thoughts.  As I said, I guess they were just doing their jobs but, to be fair, we could've done without the stress!  Not to worry, this is what the journey is all about for us.... learning to cope in very different circumstances to those we know at home.  Turkey is turning out to be really nice and Istanbul quite amazing.  We move off tomorrow 14/5 and carry on with our adventure.  Cheerio, Trevor & Jan.