Day 148 Kenya : Enkutoto Village - Kakemega


Day 148 Kenya

Trip Distance 322 km (200 m) Total Distance 16968 km (10546 m)
Road Condition 25% off road 75% tar  
Time to travel      
New De-Brazza Campsite N0 21.930 E34 51.288 KSH1000 - Long drop loo, cold shower, friendly management. Highly recommended.

We woke up again this morning to another glorious sunrise a_SG105786  a_SG105793 and movement of wild animals across the Masai a_SG105803

As we set off from the campsite, we went through the Masai village to say our goodbyes.  The stay at the campsite was amazing and we all loved it (after the issue with Kitchwe Lodge was sorted).  If you are in the area, do go and stay there.  All the money is used for the collective good of the village and the Masai are really welcoming and hospitable.   

 a_SG105815  b_SG105806

a_SG105808   a_SG105812   a_SG105819

We drove off but hadn't gone far on the dirt road, when we came across minibus (matatu) up to it's axels in mud.  Following yesterday's rain, the roads in places had turned to sludge.  We stopped to offer some help and after reversing into position, unrolled the winch and winched them out in no time. 

a_SG105820 We left behind the Masai Mara determined that we would be back and set our sights on reaching at least Kisumu on the way to Uganda. 

Although we had originally included Uganda in our itinerary, once in Kenya we had decided that we were going to miss it altogether.  That was until we spoke to a few people in Nairobi who said that it was one of the most beautiful countries in Africa and we were mad to miss it!  So it ended up rather swiftly back in the itinerary.

Once we got to tarred road turning onto the C20, we made good time, bypassed Kisumu and headed straight for Kakemega.  Reaching Kakemega, we went straight to the KWS Kakamega Forest Park but with the astronomical costs to get in US$35 each plus US$25 each to camp, we decided against it and turned back to find the campsite, De-Brazza, that we had passed 500m up the road.  We drove passed it because it looked like a real dive but on further investigation it turned out to be a fabulous campsite, quiet, clean and with real hospitable management - to be recommended!

a_SG105824  a_SG105825

A little comfort food was in order after being on the road for such a long time, so we broke out the pork sausages, and with a plateful of mash, veggies, salad and gravy, ate really well even though it was all a bit late.