Day 173 Tanzania : Arusha - Pangani

Day 173 Tanzania

Trip Distance 505 km (314 m) Total Distance 19966 km (12409 m)
Road Condition 90% tar 10% dirt  
Time to travel 6.5 hrs 1.5 hrs  
Cost of diesel TSH1500 (£0.70)    
Peponi Beach Resort S5 17.237 E39 03.988 US$8 - Wonderful site right on the beach with a swimming pool - highly recommended.  Clean loos and showers although all water is salty.

We set off from the campsite after a leisurely breakfast with plans to pop in and see Paul and Erika at Twiga Lodge.  They bought the lodge in July of this year and have settled permanently in Tanzania.  The lodge is breathtaking and sits directly outside the gate of the Arusha Park.  Anyway, Paul and Erika had their 2 Land Rovers prepped by Paul Marsh at Footloose4x4 at the same time that he was doing Sully so to see them would be a reunion for Sully. 

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We spent a pleasant couple of hours with them and then set off for our next stop which was to have been about half way to Pangani.  We had deliberately chosen this route originally so that we would pass Mount Kilimanjaro.  Although we weren't going to climb or visit it, we really wanted to see it.  Unfortunately we weren't that lucky as the cloud cover was really low and so we missed it altogether - next time maybe!!!  Somewhat disappointed we continued on our way.  By the time we had reached our intended stop for the day, although the sun was setting, we decided to press on for Peponi Beach Resort.  We continued on driving into the night as the roads were really good and the traffic light and driving relatively sanely.

Just after 8:30pm, bushed and ready for bed, we reached Peponi Beach Resort and were greeted by Dennis the owner.  The restaurant put together a couple of sandwiches for us which we ate as we settled Sully into her spot for the night.