Day 174 - 178 Tanzania : Peponi Beach Resort

Bliss!  We woke up early this morning after a restful 8 hours sleep and only then got to appreciate what a beautiful site we were on.  The sun rose in front of us as the dhows set out for the morning's fishing and the sea birds wheeled above us catching yesterday's fish on the wing as it was thrown to them.

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Later that day we walked along the beach to meet up with the fishermen finished for the day and bought a 2.5kg Red Snapper for supper.  It was board stiff (as opposed to bored stiff!) it was that fresh and once it was cleaned and filleted, we had enough fish for 3 meals - plenty. 

Night 1 - fillets of Red Snapper dusted with salt, pepper and a little oil and braaied for a couple of minutes, served with a crisp fresh salad.

Night 2 - fillet of Red Snapper cut into chunks and steamed briefly over a Green Thai curry made with fresh coconuts and headily fragrant with fresh coriander, basil, ginger, chilli and garlic.

Our second day at Peponi Beach Resort found us wanting a little internet access to catch up with the blog and emails.  As Peponi don't have their own internet access, we strolled across to Capricorn Resort just next door and found a treasure trove of not only internet access but an incredible deli.  Yes, a deli in the middle of nowhere making fresh french bread daily and serving fresh coffee.  But it didn't stop there, digging around in their fridge and freezer we found smoked fish pate, liver pate, fresh butter - all home made - and shelves full of good quality olive oil, balsamic vinegar, tinned goods, Castle beer (some in the fridge) and bottles of red and white wines.  We had hit the jackpot!  So after a couple of hours of internet soothed my itch, we made off with a bag of goodies and spent the rest of the afternoon alternating between swimming in the sea (hot!) and the pool (cool, thank goodness!) and rocking ourselves to sleep in our hammocks as they swung gently in the afternoon breeze.

The next day brought us some neighbours - Martin and Jet - from Holland who are diving up the east coast of Africa towards home in their Land Rover Discovery.  This after having already spent a year on the road driving down the west coast.  They joined us for breakfast and we spent the next couple of hours swapping information (as you do) on great camping spots and interesting things to do.   After 2 days of eating fish for supper (we're not moaning, mind!)and now having someone to share it with, we decided that the leg of kid goat that we had been carrying in the freezer since we slaughtered it at Lake Tana was ready to be eaten.  Starters were fresh french stick with homemade tzatziki and liver pate.  After de-boning and treating the leg of goat with olive oil, garlic and fresh rosemary later that night we braaied it gently and quickly over a hot fire and ate it pink in the middle together with baked potatoes, fresh butter and a veggie salad washed down with a bottle of crisp cold white wine.  Life is good.  We talked on into the night and as the bloated full moon rose in front of us we went to bed with the sound of the waves crashing around us.

Another beautiful sunrise and another day to enjoy. 

We had started to run low on salads and veggies and so Jet and I set off down the beach towards the little village to try and buy some provisions.  Passing the local fishermen again, Jet bought a 3kg Yellow-Fin Tuna for our supper and a bit further down the beach we found a dirt track leading to some huts where we found a stock of onions, potatoes, ripe red tomatoes and eggs.  We spent a good half an hour chatting to the local ladies in a mixture of English, Swahili and sign language and bartering them down to reasonable prices (for both of us) before making off with our purchases back to the campsite.  Later that evening, Jet made some potbread in her potjie so supper was tomato brochetta to start and fillets of tuna lightly cooked on the braai with rice and an incredibly delicious curried fish sauce. 

The next day after a relaxed breakfast of pancakes made by Martin, Martin and Jet set off to continue their journey northwards and we spent the day relaxing and preparing to continue our journey southwards the following day.