Day 179 Tanzania : Pagani - Dar-es-Salaam

Day 179 Tanzania

Trip Distance 412 km (256 m) Total Distance 20378 km (12665 m)
Road Condition 90% tar 10% dirt  
Time to travel 6.5 hrs 1.5 hrs  
Cost of diesel TSH1300 (£0.62)    
Mikadi Beach Resort S6 49.160 E39 19.263 TSH12000 (US$9) - Great site right on the beach with a swimming pool - highly recommended.  Fabulous loos and showers  (cold only) although all water is salty.

Another early start to the day - this is getting to be a bit of a habit now and one that we are enjoying - and after watching the sun rose over the beach and having a breakfast in the restaurant, we had packed up and sorted Sully by 9am.  We hit the road and set off for Dar-es-Salaam.  Driving down we had one of those moments that comes every now and again where it suddenly strikes you that you are driving down Africa and going to Dar-es-Salaam!  Weird. 

On arriving in Dar, we decided that instead of catching the ferry across to south beach, we would drive the long way around.  We had read Angela and Andrew's account of arriving in Dar late in the afternoon and missing the last ferry and as this was a Friday afternoon we decided the ferry and battling Dar traffic was a no-no.  It turned out to be a great decision and 1 hour later we arrived at Mikadi Beach Resort.

a_SG107128To our surprise and delight we met up with Ben and Kate again who we had initially met in Jinja at Nile River Explorers.  So after hugs and kisses all round and a quick catch-up of what we'd been doing since we'd last met, we set up Sully in the small campsite, changed into our swimming gear and dived into the sea for a cool-off. 



We went for supper at the restaurant and a glass of cold beer with Ben and Kate to carry on catching up on news, other travellers we met and future plans - primarily those of an upcoming visit to Zanzibar for some diving.