Day 190 Tanzania : Mikadi Beach Resort

We spent the day going to the Land Rover to pick up the brake dust covers that they had ordered - no such luck.  We'd have to try in Malawi.  We went to Namanga Gas to pick up the full cylinder - no such luck.  No gas deliveries meant that it couldn't be filled.  We bought a local gas bottle to supplement ours.  The we went to Mlimani Shopping Centre for a bit of retail therapy at Shoprite and Game - in luck!!!

Once we had picked up some Shoprite curried mince and rice and some samoosas for lunch (yum, the samoosas were good!) we set off back to Mikadi to pack our stuff ready to leave the next day. 

Trevor spent some time under Sully removing the ABS/Traction control sensors, cleaning them and replacing them.  We reconnected the ABS unit and off Trevor went for a drive to test the traction control whilst I waited back at camp with bated breath.  What a star he is!!  The system was fixed and although the rear brake dust covers were still off awaiting repair at least Sully was back up to almost 100% health.

That evening was spent in the restaurant (the Shoprite curry and rice was consigned to the fridge for an instant meal in the next couple of days) swapping information with Dickie, Claire, Brian and Carol with tips on the journey through the Omo Valley.  In turn we got tips on campsites further south.  Everyone went to bed happy with the additional information but a bit sad at the thought that our time together was over and we were set to go our separate ways.  We had had such a fabulous time together - thanks guys, we really enjoyed ourselves.  Catch up with you back in the real world sometime, hey?

#1 Steve&Looby on 11.05.2009 at 10:07 PM

Hi Trevor and Jan,

Found your site after speaking to Paul at Footloose. What a terrific site. As we have just purchased our first Land rover we have found your site truly inspirational and so helpful in considering developing our vehicle. Will be following your progress closely.

Happy and safe travelling


 Hi both

Thanks a mill for the contact and I am so glad that you have found the site useful.  We are having the MOST amazing time and even after 7.5 months we are still not tired of being on the road.  We can highly recommend it as a way of life for a time.  In fact, we go so far as to say, it is a life changing experience.  We are already planning what we will be doing next year after Southern Africa if there's enough money and inclination!

What are your plans?  Do you know what you'll be doing with your landie?

Take care and happy planning.

Jan & Trevor


#2 Steve&Looby on 11.06.2009 at 4:54 PM

Hi Trevor and Jan,

We aim to convert our Puma 110 "Leonard" so that we can drive to Oz when we retire in 4yrs - hopefully not too old. In the meantime we'll have to make do with shorter trips around Europe and North Africa and kitting out Leonard. Unfortunately we have to keep working.

We did a three week overland trip in June this year, camping in the Serengeti and Masai Mara so we appreciate the great time you are having. We are really looking forward to meeting Paul at Footloose again at the end of the month to discuss our plan.

stay happy