Day 193 Tanzania : The Old Farmhouse


Ben and Kate set off for the next stop, Utengule Coffee Plantation and we stayed behind at The Old Farmhouse to catch up on some rest and do some laundry.  The afternoon was spent on a bird watching walk as we wait in anticipation for the curry that night for supper. Mark, the manager, had told us that it was his favourite meal.  It was ours, too.  But it wasn't to be as the main course for the price was awful.  The starter of fresh tomato and basil soup and the rhubarb cake for dessert was lovely but the curry was a watery mess of stringy meat flavoured only with cinnamon.  Mark was nowhere to be found (and was still scarce the next day when we left) so unfortunately he still doesn't know that we were really disappointed - or perhaps we can read something into his absence?