Day 073 Egypt : Bahariya Oasis to Dakhla Oasis

Day 073 Egypt

Trip Distance 494 km (307 m) Total Distance 9752 km (6061 m)
Diesel Costs EP1.10 (£0.11!!) The cheapest yet  
Dakhla Oasis
El Negoom Hotel (Hotel Dakhla) N25.49944 E28.97911 EP120 for an airconditioned room

I was rudely awoken this morning with Trevor's shouts of "Jan! Water!". 

Water?  In the middle of the desert?  I was trying to process this information when Trevor shook me awake, "Water, from the pool, get up.  We have to move Sully!" as he sprang into action.  I was slowly coming around and opened my eyes to see what Trevor was shouting about.  Water, gallons of the precious stuff, was spurting forth from a crack in the reservoir and gushing down the sides towards the hut.  I was galvanised into action whilst still trying to work out how Trevor had known what was happening.  I dragged on some clothes while he was already starting Sully up and reversing away from the onslaught.  As the water was pooling on the desert sand and fast approaching Sully, it was turning into almost sinking sand and would surely have stranded her.  As quickly as I could, I dragged the mattress out of the hut just as torrents of water gushed in.  We managed to finally stuff everything into Sully and rode off back to the camp to alert them wondering how come this had happened while we were there. 

Turns out that someone is indeed watching over us.  There was no reason for Trevor to have woken up, he just woke up and glanced over to the reservoir to see the water start spurting from the crack in the wall.  It took him a few moments to register what he was seeing before he could react.  And react he did.

Once we had re-attached the now welded rim (still to be used as the secondary spare and just in "limp to help" mode till we can replace the rim in South Africa) to the dual wheel carrier and filled the tanks with water, we set off again on the next long leg of our journey to Dakhla Oasis.  Our route, and indeed the only route without going directly through the desert, took us through some of the most beautiful desert we have ever seen.  We passed through the Black Desert so called because of a black deposit in the sand.

a_SG102172 a_SG102168

Moving from the Black Desert into the White Desert

a_SG102180 a_SG102184

a_SG102185 a_SG102189

and marvelling at the extra-ordinary and beautiful shapes sculpted by the wind.

The many changing faces of the desert. 

How can you not love it?

As we drove we passed through the crescent dunes, now soft, silky beach sand forever shifting to the sounds of the wind.  And suddenly, in the middle of dry beige sand, a farm cultivating fruit trees.


Passing through our last checkpoint, we entered the Dakhla Oasis.  It had been a bit of a marathon session of driving but had passed by with ease.  We were still tired though, so decided that as we had another long haul tomorrow, we'd de-camp to a hotel room to prepare us for a relaxed start in the morning.