Day 075 Egypt : Luxor

We are fighting a battle on a different front today.  Fleas .... or sandflies, we don't know which.  They remain unseen and uncaught but by god they bite and leave a lasting mark.  We look like we have measles.  The bites are round, hard and bright red and look nothing like a mozzie bite which (for me, at least) is a large lump that spreads out into a welt.  So there we have it, we are covered in bites from toes to knees and no-where else.  Being so itchy is debilitating and we are both trying to ease the pain with frequent dips into the pool and trying various remedies like Anthisan, Fenistil (from an Egyptian pharmacist) and cold water sprayed from a bottle - frequently.  We are taking the day off to try and get through this as best we can.