Day 076 Egypt : Luxor

Another day.  More Bites.  We had decided that we were moving on but as we were packing up, Rezeiky's son, Ali, came to find ask why we were leaving.  We showed him.  "Ah," he said, "our second complaint.  Please stay and show my father to explain."  In the meantime, he arranged a room for us at a most reasonable rate so that we could at least move away from the sand where we thought the problem lay (or slept!).

The first room had hot water but no pressure, the second the same, the third had pressure but no hot water. Sigh.  But all had working aircon so we stayed as we really wanted to see the Luxor Temple and so far we hadn't been out.

Rezeiky came around later to see the problem.  "Never before have we had this problem.  Not a single mosquito ever," and proceeded with a lesson on mosquito bite control.  We agreed that bite control was needed and that we were practicing it as well as we could.  Tabbard sprayed all over at reasonable intervals, long trousers and long sleeved tops, a plug-in mosquito repellent, flying insect killer spray and mosquito nets.  We could do no more.  And in any case, these bites were confined to up to knee level only.  Why didn't they (if they were mosquitos) bite us anywhere else?  Both of us & Rezeiky remained unconvinced that the other knew what they were talking about - amicably.  So still we remained.  Being in aircon along with frequent cold showers helped us to keep cool whilst being away from the sand we hoped would stop further bites.  We slept fitfully that night.

#1 trevorb on 7.03.2009 at 10:28 PM

Great photos, and what were those Greeks like for grafitti. The Vikings also graffitied neololithic (pre-pyramid!) Maes Howe in Orkney! As a veteran of scottish mosquitos and midges, where I once gained a Caribbean skin tone in 30 secs, if they don't go above the knee they ain't either, so probably sandfiles...but 50-100% DEET helps keep anything 6-legged off you at 6 hourly repeat dosing, hope you have something suitable. Jane gets horrible lumps lasting for 1-2 weeks from even midges, and swears by an anti-histamine, which I note you have. Mossies detect - I think - CO2, so you could always stop breathing? :-) But these things obviously are disturbed/dislodged by footfall, so DEET is your best bet. Pyrethrin of course to coat your mossie nets..(BTW 100% DEET actually dissolves your plastic and nylon stuff so be careful! Well I was a chemist...) Tremendous stage of your journey. Enjoy the southern bit of Egypt...All the best TrevorB