Day 078 Egypt : Luxor - Aswan

Day 078 Egypt

Trip Distance 245 km (152 m) Total Distance 10531 km (6545 m)
Diesel Costs EP1.10 (£0.11!!) The cheapest yet  
Hathor Hotel N24.09212 E32.89622 EP90 - clean rooms, cold showers, pleasant staff,  pool and great internet access

The drive to Aswan passed in really good time as we listened to 3 more chapters of Lord of the Rings Book 1.  Half way down we stopped at a spot on the Nile for some lunch and refreshments, watching local fishermen laying nets, lazing under gently swaying palm trees as we watched the Nile slip lazily by us.  a_SG102227

We entered Aswan and after scouting around for the Nile Navigation Office to book ferry tickets, found that it was closed for the day, so made our way directly to Hotel Hathor where we had decided to stay after a recommendation from Heather of Siza Ikhaya.

Great recommendation, thanks Heather.  The hotel has a plunge pool on the roof, airconditioning in the rooms, pleasant staff (most of them anyway!) and although hot water is not available for showering, internet access is good.

We dropped off our kit in our room, lazed around for 30minutes and then decided to go and have a swim.  Upstairs we bumped into 2 more overlanders, Amy and Paul, on their way back to New Zealand.  You can read their website  They are doing a similar route to us but are using public transport instead of their own vehicle and loving it as much as we are loving our trip.  So after a chat whilst watching the view over the Nile, we went off to bed for a really good night's sleep.