Day 080 Egypt : Aswan

We woke up this morning to clear skies and bright sunshine but it was only when they called us from reception at 10am to remind us that breakfast ended at 10am that we got up.  Great!

As the weather has been so hot, the fridges in Sully have been working overtime and the battery has been draining down quite quickly.  With no way of plugging into 220V to top it up, we figured it was time to empty them and switch them off.  With the ferry trip taking Sully 2 days and another possible 2 days to exit customs, we didn't want to leave food in and for it to spoil with us having no access to the fridges on the way down or at customs in Wadi Halfa.

We have been harbouring some forbidden meat (ie pork) in the freezer since we picked it up in Aqaba and also had some beef mince left over, with loads of fresh salads and potatoes, so we invited Amy and Paul to a braai in the local park to use up supplies.  The owner of the hotel kindly allowed us to use the kitchen, so we whipped up some green salad, tzatziki and potato salad in no time, set the meat marinading  and trotted off to the park with supplies packed into bags and beers secreted into a black plastic bag.  Even though alcohol is available, we didn't want to upset anyone!

As we set everything up and Trevor started the firea_P1030831 (Photo: Amy Johns), we realised that we were attracting quite a lot of attention.  We had thought that maybe the cops would ask us to put the fire out but that wasn't the case.  It was more the case that the locals were amazed and bemused the westerners had picnics and even cooked meat over fires.  I don't think they had seen any tourists do it before even though they do it all the time.  Thursday nights in particular in Muslim countries is actually equivalent to our Friday night before the weekend.  Everyone appears from their houses and businesses and relaxes as their rest day of Friday approaches.  One young mother with her baby came and sat with us on our blankets for a while and even though she couldn't speak English and none of us any Arabic, we managed a bit of a conversation before she went back to join her brother.  It was a wonderful experience.  Later as we sat digesting our food, an old man approached us selling cups of tea.  Where they were being prepared, we don't know but a couple of minutes later they appeared and swapped 4 cups for EP2.  A bargain!