Day 081 Egypt : Aswan

We have been hanging around with Amy and Paul from the hotel so suggested a felluca ride with Abdullah aka Captain Chill (Mobile 0020128165238) a_DSCN0267who Paul had chatted to on the street outside the hotel.  For EP120 we got a private felluca for 4 hours.

Off we went for the afternoon.  A good, stiff breeze was blowing so the ride was lively but still, as it was a private felluca and just the 4 of us on it, we lazed around on the cushions under the shelter a_DSCN0269and listened to Abdullah regale us with stories of past customersa_DSCN0277.  I'm sure that we'll feature at some stage in the future!

We stopped off at Kitchener Island to visit the Botanical Gardens but spent the rest of the time admiring the islands from the felluca.  Whilst we were away from the boat Abdullah prepared our lunch and we came back to a veritable feast of really tasty rice, meat, salads, potatoes stewed in tomatoes but with an incredible smokey flavour and bread (EP35 each including tea).

a_DSCN0276 Paul and Amy

a_DSCN0271 The Monastery of St Simeon on the West Bank.

 a_DSCN0280 2 enterprising youngsters hitched a ride by grabbing onto the felluca and whilst baling water madly out of their canoe, sang Frere Jacques and a couple of other recognisable tunes to earn themselves EP1 but as they left they were still shouting "Stilo, stilo" in the hopes that we would give them a pen. Sorry, boys, we didn't know - we left them on shore!

a_DSCN0281 The Cataract Hotel currently closed for renovations where Agatha Christie is purported to have written "Death on the Nile".

a_DSCN0287 One last group photo as we drifted in the middle of the Nile and sipped our tea in the setting sun.