Day 083 Egypt : Aswan Dam

Once we had finished all the processing of documents for Sully, we needed a bit of a break so we decided to visit the Aswan Dam.  We invited Amy and Paul along.  As you know we only have a 2 seater (3 at a push if we remove the drawers behind Trevor to reveal the jump seat) so we thought that removing the fridge behind the passenger seat would be a bit easier and also free up a bit more room. 

Trevor and Paul set about doing just this but the cargo net was a bit more tricky, so that stayed in and once Amy and Paul had squeezed in, we set off.  So if you ever want to take a ride with us in Sully, here's what you have to do!a_P1030863

We went over the lower dam wall a_SG102237towards the Higher Dam wall but as we needed to have Sully x-rayed (too much hassle) and it was going to cost us money to do it (not enough budget after paying ferry costs!), we decided to turn around and head off back to the hotel.  As we passed over the lower dam wall, here's the Nile heading north to the Mediterraneana_SG102246 .