We're off!

And so our adventure begins!  We spent a lovely time in Ashford last night with Gill, Eben, Jethro, Jeandre and Armand.  Thanks guys.  It gave us time to start adjusting to the fact that we were leaving although we don't feel like reality has set in yet.  We still feel as though we are on a bit of a short break and expecting to drive back home in a couple of days.

We are on the ferry at the moment having left home (UK soil) on a dull and gloomy day and can see France ahead of us bathed in glorious sunshine.  A fantastic omen!

We have changed our plans a little and are only spending 3 days in France.  This is because Tim and Annarosa are getting married in Montignoso, Italy (near Pisa) on Sunday 19th and we are going to be celebrating with them and the Italian family.  Plans are at the moment to drive to either Reims and continue on to Dijon tomorrow.  We'll lay up in Dijon for a couple of days to give us time to relax and do a couple of jobs like washing, buying a bit of mustard :o) and re-packing Sully.  We are travelling with a bit of a back-down attitude so we need to re-shuffle the boxes and spread the load more evenly.  We're carrying a heavy load at the moment which hopefully we'll pare down as we spend more time on the road.  But, as we needed to weigh Sully with full load, full fuel tanks (all 3) and full water tanks (2) to determine tyre pressures, this has affected her weight significantly.  And, in any case, we still need to inventory the boxes to make sure that we don't have a repeat of the disappearing heater which we put in a box in Peterborough and still haven't found.....

#1 Julio on 4.18.2009 at 12:29 AM

Hi Guys

Julio here from the Expedition Medical course, have a great trip and you never know I may bump into you in Africa at some point.

#2 Jan on 4.18.2009 at 6:03 PM

Hey Julio

Thanks for the message and we'll keep a beer cold for you in case we meet up.

Cheers Trevor and Jan

#3 Francesco e Nicilotta on 4.26.2009 at 11:12 AM

Ciao Trevor, Janet spero tutto bene come procede il viaggio?

da noi tutto bene stiamo mangiandi i picoli cuscinetti di paradiso venite anche voi? vi aspettiamo

bacioni a presto


Hi Francesco & Nicoletta, the Cuscinetta di Paradiso are wonderful.  We ate them tonight in Greece and even in a different country they are extremely good.  We are hoping to be back soon to eat them again in Italy.  With many warm thoughts, Trevor and Jan.