Day 259 - Introducing Sully

...and introducing (a roll of drums in the background!)... Sully.  After many anxious months, here she is all kitted out (well, almost) and ready to go.  Brown paper bags at the ready to breathe into at the thought of only 31 days to go before we leave.

Doesn't she look grand?

My favourite bit - the laptop enclosure in the front passenger side that has replaced the useless grab handle that used to waste loads of precious space (new grab handle installed above the front passenger window)

Trevor's favourite bit - having removed the cosmetic roof covering in the front of the cab, we now have a practical shelf with all our electronics installed and hidden from plain sight (except ours, of course!)

For those of you who want the detail of all the mods  we'll be posting them in the next couple of days.


#1 Jayne Leach on 3.19.2009 at 7:10 PM

Wow - she looks amazing - bet you were blown away. Paul has done a good job. Will you be sign writing her. Not long now before your off - Jayne

#2 Jan on 3.20.2009 at 7:29 AM

We agree, Paul and his team have done a fabulous job. We are prepping her signage at the moment and she's being done next week. There are so few days on the run down to us leaving now but its all getting a bit fraught, nerves are jangling, last minute issues are cropping up and fear is creeping in. All still not enough to put us off but enough that its overshadowing the excitement. We just want to be on the road now.....