Day 80

We've had loads of people (including Gordon) asking what changes we're making to Sully in preparation for our trip.  So, we thought that we would give you some idea of what we're intending to do.  We're in discussions at the moment with Paul Marsh of to do the changes for us and are hoping that by the end of September we'll have made the final decision and dropped Sully off for the start of her adventure and upgrade.

We have divided Sully into 2 distinct sides, now forever immortalised as the "girl's side" and the "boy's side" as dictated by the bits & pieces going into the enclosures.  On the driver's side or "boy's side", the enclosure will hold the spare parts, recovery equipment, service equipment & parts, tools etc. whilst the passenger side or "girl's side" enclosure will hold the kitchen equipment, food, cooking equipment etc.  Here's a couple of graphics that will give you some idea...


Boys's Side

 Sully Boys Side view roof rack v3


Girl's Side

 Sully Girls Side view roof rack v3